Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education

A four-year degree course Bachelor of Technical in Teacher Education (BTTE) which aims to prepare students to teach specific courses effectively across the learning areas in elementary, secondary, tertiary, and vocational/ technical school locally or abroad

The graduates of BTTE can facilitate learning opportunities to meet current and emerging educational needs, exhibit innovativeness and versatility in an ever-changing educational environment and lead in the implementation of community development program and linkages.

Automotive Technology

The program provides the students with practical hands-on on engine servicing, preventive maintenance, auto electrical repair & maintenance, shop management, engine overhauling body repair and painting and the skills of being a defensive driver

A graduate of this course may be employed as an Automotive Instructor / Trainer, Automotive Shop Manager, and/or Chief Mechanic.

Electrical Technology

This includes principles & applications in electrical wiring system & designing, signal & communication system, AC/IOC machines, Industrial Motor controls & pneumatic & hydraulic system. Graduates of this course may be employed as an Electrical Instructor/Trainer, Electrical Foreman, and/or Electrical Maintenance Supervisor.

Electronics Technology

The ladderized Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education major in Electronics Technology produces pre-service teachers equipped with strong theoretical understanding of teaching with practical skills in basic electronics, digital electronics, power electronics, electronically controlled domestic household appliances repair and maintenance, cellphone service / repair, instrumentation and process control, industrial automotive and control electronics. Graduates of this course may be employed as an Electronics Instructor / Trainer, Electronics Maintenance Supervisor and/or Chief Electronics Technician