Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a five-year undergraduate program that applies engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation and management of hardware, software and the integration of both

The program is designed for students who want to pursue a career in network and systems administration, software and development. The objectives of the program are to prepare the students to become competent in the design and be able to implement embedded systems with strong foundation in Digital Logic, Circuits and Electronics.

Also , the graduates of the program aim to design and implement design projects that use microelectronics applying all the concepts and experiences learned through solid education and trainings in the latest trends in hardware and software computing, engineering, mathematical and scientific fundamentals in preparation for their professional practice as computer engineers.

Career Paths:

  • Coding, Cryptography & Information protection
  • Communications & Wireless networks
  • Compilers & Operating Systems
  • Computational Science & Engineering
  • Computer networks, Mobile Computing, and Distributed Systems
  • Computer Systems: Architecture, Parallel Processing, and Dependability
  • Computer Vision & Robotics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Integrated Circuits, VLSI Design & Testing, CAD
  • Signal, Image & Speech Processing